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Enregistreur Shogun 7

Designed for professionals, this 7-inch screen takes the quality of your images, whether in HDMI or SDI, to a whole new level. With a 1,000,000:1 contrast ratio and 3,000 nits brightness, Shogun 7 is the ultimate all-in-one video production tool for content creation. Shogun 7 can record in RAW and 4k HDR to give you complete control over every aspect of your production, on set and in post.
Dock station SSD USB 3.0
Sangle Shogun 7
Alimentation secteur Shogun 7
Cable Shogun 7 / D-TAP
Pare-soleil Shogun 7
Caddy SSD
Chargeur NPF
Valise Pelicase