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Codex Onboard M Recorder

The Codex Onboard Recorder is the start of your file based workflow. It can record anything, from HD for television to the highest quality digital cinematography cameras.
Enregistrement RAW
Remote Codex
2 Câbles remote Codex
5 Data Pack 480Gb Codex
Déclencheur Codex
Plaque Alexa Codex
Transfer station M avec
– Carte Atto
– Câble SAS
– Câble Thunderbolt
– Câble alimentation

Video Device Pix E

Discerning cinematographers and videographers need high-resolution, color-accurate, sunlight-viewable monitoring with a wide angle of view. The PIX-E5 monitors excel in all those aspects with their IPS, 500 nit, 1920×1080, 441 ppi LCD displays.
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AJA Kipro

Ki Pro established a new paradigm for tapeless video recorders by being the first recorder to offer support for creating Apple ProRes 422 files, which revolutionized how footage could be moved efficiently from production to editorial. Editors are able to work with footage immediately without the need for special file importers or transcoding steps.
Enregistrement 4:4:4 ou 4:2:2 en Prores ou DNxHD sur SSD
Disque dur 500Go pour AJA Kipro

AJA Kipro mini

Compact, lightweight and designed to fast track your footage from camera to editorial. Ki Pro Mini mounts easily to any SDI/HDMI camera and records ‘ready-to-edit’ files in Apple ProRes and Avid DNxHD formats.
Enregistrement 4:4:4 ou 4:2:2 en Prores ou DNxHD sur carte Compact Flash
Carte Compact Flash

Convergent Design Gemini 4:4:4

The Gemini 4:4:4 is a professional, high-definition video recorder that fits in the palm of your hand. Gemini 4:4:4 functions as a high-quality monitor, a recorder, and a playback device.
Enregistrement 4:4:4, 4:2:2 ou RAW (Sony, Canon, Arri)
Contrôle par écran tactile
Alimentation secteur Gemini / XLR4 (F)
Disque dur Gemini 512Go
Lecteur SSD Gemini Thunderbolt
Stylet Gemini

Sound Device Pix 240

The portable PIX 240i is an essential companion for any production environment. It simplifies any production and post-production environment bringing edit-ready Apple ProRes or Avid DNxHD recording to SD/HD-SDI or HDMI-equipped video cameras.
Enregistrement 4:4:4 ou 4:2:2 en Prores ou DNxHD sur SSD ou carte Compact Flash
Ecran incorporé
Paresoleil Pix pour Pix 240
Chargeur double ACVQ 1050
Câble alimentation secteur
2 Batteries DB F 770A
Alimentation secteur Sound device
2 Pix-Caddy SSD pour Pix 240
Disque SSD 2.5′ 128Go pour Pix 240
Disque SSD 2.5′ 240Go pour Pix 240