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AATON Penelope

The newest 35mm motion picture camera in the industry is the Aaton Penelope. It’s the first camera in the world designed from the ground up as a switchable 2-perf or 3-perf shooting solution.
Universal camera-body for 35mm 2-Perf
2Perf-native camera, swappable to 3-Perf and back.
22dB noise level (±1dB) in 2-Perf.
23dB noise level (±1dB) in 3-Perf.
Weight: 8 Kg with loaded 400′ mag and 1 battery.
3-40 fps, Synch & Variable speeds (0.001 increments)
Instant film-magazines, nine minute autonomy at 24fps in 35mm 2-Perf.
Built to withstand extreme climates. (-10°C to +40°C)
Extremely bright optical viewfinder with generous peripheral coverage
Twin battery power supply: one for lightweight handheld shots; add the other for multi-accessory use.
Ready to print PDF ‘Image Report’ with JPEG snapshots, metadata and AatonCode via USB key.
Video Pal
Œilleton standard ou chauffant
Loupe longue
Déclencheur à distance
Batteries + chargeur
Possibilité 2 ou 3 perfs


Thanks to film manufacturers’ ongoing efforts in emulsion enhancement, 35mm film remains the medium of choice for superior quality origination and High Definition imaging. The Aaton 35-III, with its absolute image stability and hair-free gate, insures perfectly clean archivable images that will remain with us for generations.
Crystal-controlled 3-32fps
28dB noise level
16 lbs with 400ft of film and on-board battery
Interchangeable viewing screens
Adjustable 144°, 172.8° or 180° shutter
Aaton timecode recording
Magazine auto electronic footage counter
Claw pitch control

Product   35-III – Full specs
Weight 7kg (16 lbs) with 400ft load and on-board battery.
Power Brushless, high efficiency tri-phase motor; 1.4 amp. consumption with filmat 25°C (77°F) under 12V power supply (10-15V).
Temperature Range -10°C (14°F) to +40°C (104°F)
Noise Level 4-Perf: 30 / 33 dB. 3-Perf: 24 / 26 dB
Frame Rate Sync speeds: 24, 25, 29.97, 30 fps. Built-in var crystal control to 2 to 40 fps in 0.001 increments.
Steadiness Co-planar claw movement for lateral and vertical steadiness to 1/2000th of image dimension.
Viewing System Interchangeable screens: 1.37, 1.66, 1.78, 1.85 aspect ratios.
Camera Mounts Interchangeable hard front: ArriPL.
Shutter Reflex mirror, user-convertible on option; 180° for 24 fps under 60 Hz lighting, 172.8° for 24 fps under 50 Hz, 150° for 25 fps under 60 Hz, 144° for NTSC monitor.
35 / Super 35 Quick centering of lens axis for either format.
Time Recording AatonCode man-readable figures and rugged SMPTE matrixes. 1/2 frame accuracy over 8 hours.
Accessory Inputs Amph9 (video sync), Lemo6 (power zoom), Lemo8 (speed controllers de vitesse), Lemo5 (SMPTE and RS232).
Video Assist Black & White – low power, high sensitivity, manual iris. PAL or NTSC.
Color – high sensitivity, flicker-free, with frame, timecode windows and Vitc insertion. PAL or NTSC formats.
Magazine Instant, 400ft, reading in feet or meters.
LCD Display Speed selection, remaining footage, ISO selection, battery voltage, full AatonCode readout via a single rotating jog.
Operator Warning Speed discrepancy, misloading, low battery indicator. Camera Shut-off Automatic at end of roll.

Œilleton standard
Loupe longue
Déclencheur à distance
Batteries + chargeur


The smallest and lightest modern sync sound camera.
The ARRICAM Camera System is the ultimate sync sound camera system available. The ARRICAM Lite is particularly useful when low weight, small camera size and operating freedom are required while shooting sync sound – i.e. remote, Steadicam or shoulder operation.
Caméra Légère Autosilencieuse : 24 dB.
Vitesses variables : de 1 à 40 i/s avant – de 1 à 32 i/s arrière.
Obturateur électroniquement de 0 à 180°.
Compatible avec le système LDS.
Possibilité de tourner en 2 ou 3 ou 4 perfos.
Bridgeplate Arricam
Œilleton standard ou chauffant
Visée vidéo Arricam IVS LT
Loupe longue
Déclencheur à distance
Batteries + chargeur
Boîtier Lens Data box Arricam LT
Visée vidéo Arricam IVS LT HD


The Arriflex 435 family is the golden standard for 35 mm MOS camera work to be found on sets all over the world. Combining robust construction with a super steady movement, high speed, forward and reverse run, the Arriflex 435 ES  is ideal for feature films, commercials, music videos and Steadicam applications.
Vitesse quartz 24 – 25 i/s.
Vitesse variable : 1 à 150 i/s avant & arrière (précision 0.001 i/s).
Obturateur électronique réglable de 11.3° à 180°.
Visée vidéo 100% pour Steadicam.
Bridgeplate Arri BP-8
Œilleton standard ou chauffant
Loupe longue Arri FE-3
Déclencheur à distance
Batteries + chargeur
Boîtier HS Arri CHS-2
Boîtier Arri RCU-1
Câble RCU / CCU court (KC-39)