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Single Axis Unit SXU-1

The Single Axis Unit SXU-1 is a simple single channel hand unit that can be set up to control focus, iris or zoom. The SXU-1 can be used along the WCU-4 for separate iris control, perhaps operated by the cinematographer in situations where subtle exposure adjustments are required during travelling shots.
Adaptateur Congres support 15mm Pro 35

Commande WCU-4

The Wireless Compact Unit WCU-4 combines three axes of lens control with a lens data display in a compact and ergonomic housing. Weighing around 780 grams including battery, it’s one of the lightest hand units in its class, providing unrivaled comfort during a long working day.
Adaptateur Congres support 15mm Pro 35

Microforce Arri ZMU-3

Câble Arri ZMU / U Fisch .3 (KC-91)
Moteur Arri CLM-2